Whether You Need A Guard Dog Or An Attack Dog, Call The Poteau Pitbull!  

Aggressive Attorney In Poteau, OK

If you’re looking for an aggressive attorney who will fight for your rights, call the Law Office of Steven P. Minks and find out why he’s called the "Poteau Pitbull." He serves a 50-mile radius around Poteau, OK, and specializes in criminal defense, as well as personal injury and civil rights cases. 

Mr. Minks has been elected to the Oklahoma Association for Justice's Advisory Board for 2018.

Laws surrounding personal injury, civil rights and criminal cases are complicated, so you need a lawyer you can trust and who will vigorously defend you. Steven P. Minks is that lawyer and he is committed to making sure you receive the compensation you deserve or the most positive outcome possible if you have been charged with a crime.

He believes open and honest communication is key to any attorney-client relationship and his loyalty is to his clients. Steven P. Minks is committed to exceeding expectations and providing complete legal services and support.

*Please note that he does not do bankruptcy, Social Security or disability.

Law Office Of Steven P. Minks preparing to go into a courthouse

Criminal Defense

When you are facing charges of any kind, you need an experienced lawyer you can trust to defend you to the fullest extent of the law - call the “Poteau Pitbull!”

Personal Injury

Steven P. Minks has extensive experience in personal injury law and will fight to get you the settlement you deserve.  

Civil Rights 

If your Civil Rights have been violated, call Steven P. Minks and he will guide you through all of your legal options.

Law Office Of Steven P. Minks writing a legal contract